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This page has been set up to answers the many emails we received asking the following questions plus a few more we don't get asked but you may like to know.

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How many key on a standard piano
A. 88 keys

How many strings on a piano
A. 220

What is the average tension on a steel piano string
A. 160lbs with a 15% increases on the Bass strings

What is the overall tension on a piano
A. When tuned to concert pitch approximately 21 tons

When was the piano first made
A. The text book answer is 1709. This is probably due to the writer Scipione Maffei who wrote an article about the pianoforte in 1709 by then Christofori had produced four pianos. 1700 is the correct date.

What is the full name of the piano
A. Gravicembalo col piano e forte (harpsichords with soft and loud.) it was shortened to "piano-forte" then aground 1900 shortened again to "piano".

Who invented the piano
A. Bartolomeo Christofori (1655-1732)

How much does a piano weigh
A. All depend on size and type
  • Baby grand 4' 11" approximately 240kg
  • Concert grand 9' approximately 490kg
  • Small upright 3' 8" approximately 184kgs
  • Large upright 4' 2" approximately 215kgs

What is the biggest piano ever made
A. 11' 8" long made by Challen England in 1935 for the Silver Jubilee of George and Mary. It weighed one and a quarter tons, and the combined tensile stress of the strings amounts to over 30 tons. The iron frame alone weighs six and a half hundred weight and the largest bass string is 9ft 11 inches

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